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The dream of Alemanno

On the occasion of the presentation of Livio Felluga’s new wine “Abbazia di Rosazzo 2009” at the Abbey of Rosazzo on 5 March 2011, the author Paolo Maurensig wrote a short story dedicated to Alemanno, the hermit who made his home in the hills of Rosazzo, setting up an oratory and a monastic cell that would over subsequent centuries become the core of the present-day Abbazia di Rosazzo.

The dream of Alemanno: Having wandered far and wide in search of a place to pray, Alemanno ascended a verdant, flower-bedecked hill. On reaching the summit, he looked around. Never before had he seen anywhere so close to earth and sky at the same time. He sank into deep prayer, giving thanks to God for leading him to the place. Alemanno meditated for a long time and then fell into a deep sleep. He dreamt he saw a light-clad lady who gave him a rose. She told him he would take the name of the rose in commemoration of the passion of Christ. A young man of dazzling beauty then approached him and offered him a cutting to remind him that He is the vine and we are the branches".

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