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The beginning of the modern era

In 1509, even the German soldiers of the League of Cambrai knew about the wines of the abbey at Rosazzo, as a song of the day reminds us:
“To drink good wine
The first place to go was Rosazzo
With pipe and drum
From the barrel or the vat”

In 1532, the emperor Charles V passed through Spilimbergo. A contemporary report tells us: “Two barrels of Rosazzo wine have been loaded and will be taken to Spilimbergo, where His Majesty will taste them”.

In 1546, the Abbey of Rosazzo appointed guards whose duty it was to watch over Colles totius Montis Rosacensis (the hills of all the Mount of Rosazzo), supervise the grape harvests and report anyone who caused damage. But a few years earlier, there had already been a number of convictions “for unlicensed harvesting” involving the Abbey of Rosazzo.

The wines were so famous that Andrea Bacci, a professor of botany at Rome and physician to Pope Sixtus V, wrote in 1596 that “the wines of Rosazzo were much praised at the imperial table”.
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