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From the nineteenth century to the present day

In his 1824 “Il Strolich…” (Almanac), Pietro Zorutti published a poem in Friulian on the region’s specialties. One that he praises is the “…Picolit and wether lamb from Rosazzo…”. In the 1836 edition, Zorutti lauds the local wine: “What good wine! Ribolla from Rosazza”.

This is how Rosazzo is described in the 1912 “Guide to the Julian Pre-Alps”: “The vine thrives in these hills that yield wines much sought-after here and abroad”. A few years later, here are the names of those wines. During the exhibition of grapes held at Udine in 1921, the following native white varieties were found to be grown at Rosazzo or in the Ronchi di Rosazzo hills: Agadele, Piccolit, Ribola (also known as Ribuele, Rabuele and Ribuele zale), Ribuelat, rossite (or Rossett, Rossitt), Verduzz and Zibibbo, as well as the reds Pignolo di Rosazzo and Sclave.

In 1923, agronomist Norberto Marzotto wrote about Ribolla Gialla, “Ribolla is an excellent variety cultivated exclusively in Friuli, especially in the hills of Rosazzo near Cividale”.

In 1939, Poggi devoted several pages to Rosazzo: “I recall tooting my way slowly up the gentle slope at Rosazzo as far as the Abbey on St Joseph’s day, which is a traditional holiday (...). And the wine from the vineyards slid sweetly down the throat to enliven the exchange between, and cement the union of, fragrant terpenes and odorous, suffering humanity. The marvellous products of the Rosazzo Hills, sweet Ribolas, exquisite Verduzzos, aromatic Tocai and insuperable Picolit (...). And again up there, ordinary red wines are mixtures of new varieties and surviving older ones, such as Pignolo, Negruzz, Negratt, Corvino or Fumatt, which impart to the product an utterly distinctive je ne sais quoi”.

Pietro Someda de Marco in “Il Strolic furlan” (The Friulian Almanac) for the year 1952 wrote a poem entitled “Eviva il blanc!” (Long Live White!):
“And for ribolla
Let’s go to Rosazzo,
It’s nectar
Drain the glasses”

Rosazzo’s vocation for viticulture and its ancient tradition, underlined by universal admiration for its quality wines, have encouraged the formation of Friulian dialect terms found only in this subzone. Let’s find out what they are!

Balèt and baletùt (di vencs) was the name used only at the Abbey of Rosazzo for the bundle of osiers that pruners carried hanging from their belts.

Carantàn, in the hills of Rosazzo, is the local name for the area’s characteristic limestone marl, known elsewhere as ponche or ponca.

Another term limited to the Abbey of Rosazzo is the Friulian term crei (new) and the phrase fà di crei or “a fasevin di crei a pale”, in other words “they dug the soil with shovels” before planting the vines.

Finally, the local name in the hills of Rosazzo for the stake used to support young vines is manèl.
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