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Seventeenth and eighteenth centuries

In the mid 17th century, Ermes di Colloredo (1622-1692) wrote in a wedding song: “Rosazzo wine was imbibed
And too many liked it;
But at the end of toil
We were lions roaring drunk”.

Plutarco Sporeno composed similar verses in the same period:
“The wine from Rosazzo that everyone drank
Brought relief from fatigue
To all and they became
Such lions, so roaring drunk”

In the late 18th century, the Gorizian printer Valerio de’ Valerj published “Bacco in Friuli” (Bacchus in Friuli). On page 23 we read:
“Elect vineyard
Blessed art thou
Sited on the Rose Hill,
Above thee let the sky serene
Without veil
Ever shine on one and all (...)”

The notes at the back of the slim volume say “The Rose Hill, or the Abbey of Rosazzo, where the best Picolito is harvested and found”.

Finally, rummaging through the ancient collection of the Udine municipal archive, we discover that from 1692 to 1763 the town’s deputies gave the Venetian magistrates Wine of Rosazzo at the end of the year.
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